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February 1, 2011

My latest RSS subscriptions and twitter follow’s

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I finally started following some RSS feeds now, and added a few new users to my twitter following list. I’ve been extremely lazy on this forever but I thought that now it was about time to get myself together and start reading up, and learn more instead of just knowing what I know.. That is how I’ve done it until now since I’ve only used PHP for hobby. But now that I’ve gotten a job as a developer it’s time to start taking this serious 🙂 So with my twitter account already existing, and a fresh install of FeedDemon I’m ready to start working my way towards the big guys!

So at this point I’m subscribed to the following feeds:

The people I’m following on Twitter is:

So from now on out I will continously follow and try to keep myself as up to date as possible on php, mysql, general web development and all it’s related topics


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