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February 4, 2011

External: Book Review – PHP 5 Social Networking

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I just read a very good review article by Chris Hartjes on the book PHP 5 Social Networking. It’s on point, not to long and it’s reveals just enough to trigger the interest for the book. No spoiler alert what so ever 😛

It’s also rare to find a book that teaches you something while you are actually building something. If you were to actually sit down and type in every single code example, my guess is that you would have 90% of a completely working site. Building upon all that stuff you’ve learned by following the book along, it seems to me it would be easy to get it to 100%.

Just look at the sort of stuff you learn about:

  • the Model-View-Controller pattern
  • creating effective templates
  • proper use of a registry object
  • planning of relationships between data (along with use of binded parameters in your DB queries via PDO
  • post-coding tasks like deployment and figuring out how to get data from development into production

Check out the original article here:



February 2, 2011

External: 27 ways to be a better PHP developer

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LornaJane posted on her blog today a great 46 page slide covering 27 essential ways on how to be a better php developer. It’s not a “best practice” coding style article, but it has focus on the higher aspects on how to be better.

Some points covered in the slide is:

  • Participate in communities
  • Focus on relationships
  • Keep learning
  • Challenge yourself by leaving your comfort zone

Even though the title of the article is “27 ways to be a better PHP developer”, it is absolutely an article that refers to any developer, no matter what language.


February 1, 2011

My latest RSS subscriptions and twitter follow’s

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I finally started following some RSS feeds now, and added a few new users to my twitter following list. I’ve been extremely lazy on this forever but I thought that now it was about time to get myself together and start reading up, and learn more instead of just knowing what I know.. That is how I’ve done it until now since I’ve only used PHP for hobby. But now that I’ve gotten a job as a developer it’s time to start taking this serious 🙂 So with my twitter account already existing, and a fresh install of FeedDemon I’m ready to start working my way towards the big guys!

So at this point I’m subscribed to the following feeds:

The people I’m following on Twitter is:

So from now on out I will continously follow and try to keep myself as up to date as possible on php, mysql, general web development and all it’s related topics

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